Under the hood there are KVM hypervisors managed by IsardVDI, a solution based on python, websockets and rethinkdb, wich makes the system fly! All Open Source.


Desktops virtualization with IsardVDI is used on a real environtment with +1000 users and +2000 desktops.


Any device with a browser can access virtual desktops anywhere thanks to html5 technology. IsardVDI provides also transparent USB plug-in to the virtual desktop.


IsardVDI hypervisor pool design allows for multiple hypervisors to be controlled centrally and this can be combined from all-in-one (cube) single installation to big infrastructures.


Move from place and continue your work where you leave it, make templates from your virtual desktops and recover it anytime, use it as your desktop anywhere!


A full Open Source Virtual Desktops solution. As easy to install as typing docker-compose up, as scalable as having multiple hypervisor farms.


IsardVDI has been presented on 2017 RedIRIS meeting with all spanish universities.

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